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manual metal slotted bending machine

manual metal slotted bending machine manual metal slotted bending machine manual metal slotted bending machine manual metal slotted bending machine
Product name : manual metal slotted bending machine
Item :
Details :
 Light Circuit word slot machines, metal edge strip slot machines, manual metal slotting letter machine


Package:1pc *Light Circuit word slot machines





Product Description




Light Circuit word slotting machine for advertising, metal word production, acrylic word making, decoration field craft, modeling simple affordable, compact and lightweight, simple and quick operation, subject to site constraints, easy to learn, can be the lowest cost, the effect of optimization 'to maximize the benefits. Truly energy-saving, time-saving, low consumption, we believe that the promotion of products can benefit from the vast number of users, and can quickly spread, as advertising, decorative craft to make a greater contribution.

1, depending on the needs of the plate, a good tune-bladed knife level, determine the depth of the plate, tighten the clamps; 
2, the shuttle lever into the shuttle tank; 
3, left hand holding plastic handle, clamped plates, slotted to the desired site; 
4, right hand holding the motor down shuttle grooving.


Single-speed, two-speed, stepless adjustment, high speed chuck electric grinder, it is necessary when using note the following: 
1, before the start grooving electric grinder, you should check the chuck and spindle nut firmly, do not allow the power cord is damaged, the power cord can not be touched by the pressure of work, should be unloaded before starting to run 1 minute, using a power supply voltage fluctuation not more than 10%. 
2, slotted mobile electric grinder is not allowed to mention, pull-mill, must hand housing movement. 
3, to keep the interior clean electric grinder, gear outlet to flow, usually by the removal of dust and dirt, pay attention to prevent iron and other debris into the windshield, iron and debris into the air outlet blocked, it will break the motor fan, killed motor. 
4, pay attention to the maintenance of the motor commutator to clean when commutation spark increased, while the black marks on the surface of the commutator more timely grinding commutator. Brush is too short to be replaced, the brush with a certain degree of conversion of electrical contact pressure. Poor contact with the commutator brushes will burn the motor. 
5, slotting electric grinder should be dried out after wet processing, available 500v megger insulation resistance measurements, more than 700 megohms insulation resistance can continue to use. 
6, relying wrench (highly rigid steel) do not arbitrarily throw put, need proper care to avoid damage.

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