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Hot Acrylic bending machine

Hot Acrylic bending machine Hot Acrylic bending machine Hot Acrylic bending machine Hot Acrylic bending machine
Product name : Hot Acrylic bending machine
Item :
Details :
 SJ-30 Effective width: 30cm Power: 300W

SJ-60 Effective width: 60cm Power: 800W

SJ-125 Effective width: 125cm Power: 1500W

SJ-180 Effective width: 180cm Power: 2000W

SJ-250 Effective width: 250cm Power: 2300W

The main purpose:

Acrylic bending machine becomes more widely used in decoration, sign production, including square columns, side windows, display cabinets, tank edging, supermarket shelves, walls, large-scale light boxes acrylic plate or plastic plate bending. The current common market bending machine, multi-functional lot, volume considerably, while bending process often takes place at the construction site processing based on the actual shape, moving a large bending machine to the construction site and indeed in trouble, so we need a money can easy to carry, easy to operate machine. But also to buy Taiwan acrylic bending machine but do not want to take up too much area stores user solve the problem
Application materials widely used: such as acrylic, organic board, PVC materials and a variety of available thermoplastic materials.

Product temperature uniformity, water cooling temperature adjustable, lightweight and practical. Save space, bending plastic sheets of various materials, such as the thickness of more than 6 mm may be two warmed up and down while being heated, can be combined a plurality of heater heating a plurality of bending points; if thick plate bending, grooving off, knuckle will be more beautiful, it can be adapted to local conditions, flexible use.
Acrylic bending machine, compact structure, reasonable design, can be combined with the table into a bending machine, also can be used alone, it does not occupy space. Both sides have warmed cooling water circulation pipe, except to be heated to ensure that the site does not have thermal deformation. Power, water pipes were at both ends of access, security and intuitive water separation, detachably, convenient collection, assembled with the table is very convenient.

Input voltage: AC 220V Heating Peak: ZW-300 420 ℃, the other 250 ℃
Heating width: 30-240㎝ Bending Material thickness: 1mm-6mm

Instruction manual:
1. owned more than 30 liters of cooling tank (barrels) a, first heating body and submersible pumps with grease hose connection, the submersible pump placed in a cooling bucket, turn on the pump power, to be out of there the water cycle. (Note: The machine working temperature will continue to rise for a long time, please replace the cold and clear, non-circulating water temperature dips, the water temperature exceeds 50 degrees warmer should be promptly cut off the power supply, then replace later recycled water)
2. Place the thermostat and bending machine connected after access to 220V mains, adjust the thermostat controller knob clockwise is heating up, and vice versa is cooling, the adjustment should not rotate too fast, so as not to damage the thermostat element. (Note: Slowly adjust the thermostat to a heating pipe reddish appropriate, the high temperature will cause damage and affect the life of bending machine bending material) 3. Heat the pipe to reach the desired temperature, you can. the required bending the plastic plate on the heating tank, the plate grilled soft to move off when experts can carry out a variety of angles bending. according to different stereotypes of the time the material is different, according to the actual situation determined setting time.



 Safety Precautions:

Product is heated to produce a high temperature, the heating component should avoid contact with human skin.
Please note that the use of the environment, away from flammable materials.
Please do not use long time to cut off the power supply.
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